22nd May 2022

If you desire greater clarity as to your life purpose during Earthly incarnation, the guidance is given daily. Whatever occurs during the day will present something to learn, even if it is just to stay in bed.

You may be restricted by circumstances and make the decisions to succumb to tiredness and accept limitation, or it could be that frustration will direct you towards an action. Either can serve your growth, and each day will present something new,

Time is never wasted. That concept is a purely human thought coming from you culture and expectations that you are here to justify existence. But the human needs of food, warmth and shelter will alway prod you into action.

Whether rich or poor, there is a purpose within the experience which provide different challenges and benefits. Violence or peaceful cooperation provide lessons, and these experiences serve a purpose for your soul-growth.

To suffer can challenge on all levels, and have profound lessons inherent in the experience. Patience, empathy and tolerance can be learnt here.

Anger and passion are forces to be harnessed, so lessons of control are gleaned. The power of a  driving intent, used positively is a great creative force, used negatively, destructive.

Those daily situations all provide an indiction of purpose for you. You are always in the best place for your individual growth, and you have the time to experience everything to the fullest.

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