24th May 2022

Within each unit of time, different opportunities come to confront particular lessons. Most lives, while there is a natural flow of progression, form separate periods of concentrated growth. For example, time spent at school or college, specific employment, friendships and associates, and periods of ill health.

During each period there are encapsulated a concentration of particular lessons. Maybe refining a skill, confronting difficult relationships and life choices, developing personal interests, etc..

If you look back over the years you can recognise that certain aspects of your being were bought to the fore. Each period can be regarded as a particular class, all moving towards self awareness and awakening the consciousness of Who You Are.

If feeling stuck in a situation that is uncomfortable, it highlights the need for action. When feeling victimised, it is for you to find a creative way to adjust your life. There is no growth without the challenges.

It is with the growth of awareness and understanding, and your own responsibility, that you can create your own life. It is within your grasp that you have the power to be your own creator.

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