29th May 2022

Living in harmony with the planet tends to raise contentment.

Celestial growth is the seeking of harmony with the environment you are working with, whether in this planet or any other, and whatever dimension you are currently inhabiting.

As a single Unit of Divinity your spark is to enlighten and enhance the experience of the material at you disposal, totally immersed in the experience.

Forgetfulness cloud memories of these other lives and experiences, yet  within your essence is the echo of everything there has ever been. Nothing can be unlearned or lost; but you are shielded from the memories and knowledge to ensure this total immersion, until Awakening commences.

Within this gentle Awakening, the echos begin to be heard and an inner stillness develops. Previous concerns begin to melt away as you perceive the bigger picture.

Compassion is triggered when observing the madness around and a sense of detachment develops, with forgiveness of self and others of all the guilt and judgement you have carried.

With the detachment comes inner peace and love for everything, in a place of harmony and acceptance.

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