30th May 2022

The burn of light within the mind will cause enlightenment. It ignites the core of understanding that has been hidden deeply within the essence of soul and releases memories and knowledge within you.

By pulling together the strands accumulate through many life-times, the totality is drawn together so that you will be able to function on a different level of consciousness.

While Earth-bound the scope of the work available is limited, but the time comes when enough experience has been accrued to move to a new level of potential. This acquisition of knowledge and realisation is requires in order to be taken forward to awaken another level of creation.

Within the stillness of your being, once no longer influences by unruly and disorganised emotions, a clarity comes. To be clear sighted with the mastery accrued you will be able to see new vistas to be visited, and move forward into a new day.

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