A Bigger Perspective.

31st May 2022

Time is registered in many forms, and the divisions you work with are regulated by the planetary movements. In other dimensions, that which is regarded as time will be experiences in a different way.

The entire life of a mayfly is one of your Earth days, but with the Universe, your aeons are but another single day in the creative force. A human life is but a single day in the experience of the soul, and during one life-time a very limited potential of experience and creation will be enacted.

When seen from this perspective comes the realisation of the insignificance of  dramas which dominate concerns, for everything passes.

To play your part in the evolution of humanity, your experience will be the lasting legacy to bring about changes which will move society forward. The enlightenment will be planetary and not singular, and the raising of the planetary vibration will happen in “the blinking of an eye” from the time perspective of the Universe.

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