Moving Forward

1st June 2022

In the current environment, energies are stimulating the changes so needed for humanity to move forward along the road of evolution.

With hindsight you can recognise the changing social attitudes and values that have been accepted which were unthinkable by previous generations and the acceptance that has been rapid.

There has been a releasing on the restriction in the lives of woman and the demand for equality worldwide, but there is still more to be done. The forces of control continue to pull influence.

Now it is for all to realise where action is needed to facilitate change. Light and Dark are apparent, progress and intrenchment confront each other. Light will reveal where change is needed, but with change comes uncertainty which does not guarantee success and the security you wish to rely on.

With clearing away all that impedes progress you will be like children who no longer rely on the security of a mother, having learnt to trust yourself to take faltering steps into the unknown.

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