Awakening in Action

2nd June 2022

Communication across dimensions is there for everyone, not just for the psychically gifted. Though there are many who have the natural ability, it is a facility that can be developed once the desire is there.

Through learning the discipline to give yourself quiet times, and trusting yourself, the stillness will enable the opening of awareness. 

Preconceived ideas of how it should be does not help. To be empty in the stillness creates the vacuum to possibility.

Your mind may be full of mundane daily issues, and while trying to still these, ideas of resolution may come. It is a gentle process and can take time to develop trust.

Inspired ideas may come during the day “out of the blue”and is an indication that there is communication. Learn to work with these gifts.

If you expect the communication to be similar to your daily life experience you will be disappointed. It comes through a knowing and awareness in your head, and is often impossible to find words for or explain.

The raising of the vibration of the planet that is happening now is making it easier and easier to open up to psychic knowing/communication.

This is Awakening in action

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