Energies of Change

3rd June 2022

Time and the seasons move on denoting periods of growth and decay.

Now is the time for the rapid reorganisation of cosmic focus to enable the people of Earth to become attuned to the new energies. Even if you do not feel it these energies are moving rapidly, and there is a sense that time are moving faster.

What you are seeing as the massive break up of the Accepted Order is a new phenomenon; and while change does not happen overnight, it is immediate from the historical point of view.

Acceptance is the only way to handle change, and everyone will be in the right place for the change to occur. Many will be far away from their place of birth,  so that ethnic and coloured groups will be mixing. What is happening is the collection of soul groups incarnated for the purpose of facilitating change. 

This rapid movement of people is all planned, and those who do not move willingly may be pushed by circumstances.

The old is destroyed to create the new.

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