Living in Interesting Times

5th June 2022

Light infuses everything and is bringing about the Awakening of clouded consciousness. The potential for raising the vibration of the planet has been growing apace and the full glory will becoming more and more apparent.

Throughout short years you will realise that the major shift has been happening in the consciousness and expectation throughout the world, with the desire to create and inhabit a peaceful planet. Less will be willing to indulge in conflict at the bidding of others, and will seek new solutions to their own .pressing problems.

This will not happen overnight and while you are living in these dark times of separation and extortion, the need for a united effort will become more and more apparent.

You are living in exciting times and are participating in a monumental shift where everyone has a vital part to play. Now is the time to live your truth and stand up to and counter the face of oppression.

If not now, then when? Nothing will change without the effort of the individual.

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