Ask for Healing

7th June 2022

As the Light of Healing comes, there is a shift in the etheric structure of self and some balancing occurs. The energy of Healing Light is being sent through the united prayers of those who ASK.

As realisation of the futility of aggression comes, more are seeking new ways to alleviate problems that come from negative emotions and rational.

Once there is readiness to understand and accept that others have different dreams and aspiration as their Right, then ways will be sought to find compromise. This in apparent whether with families , communities, and nations, who perpetuate old grievances to the benefit of no-one.

As this Healing Ray increases, the energy will begin to resonate with more people exponentially. It will be a slow process, and even if you are doubting, it is indeed happening.

Th Aquarian Age will eventually bring a greater degree of cooperation; so continue to believe this will be, despite the current functioning of the world. The power of belief and prayer are vital to raise the energies.

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