The Spiritual Path

8th June 2022

Progress forward needs the accumulation of knowledge, learning to recognise connections and formulating new ways of thinking, with the wisdom accrued; this takes many lifetimes and each being is growing towards the new formulation of destiny.

For those who choose to ignore their own power and rely on the opinions of others are destined to remain in ignorance and servitude. It takes courage to move away from herd mentality, just to feel they belong.

The spiritual path is a lonely one and wanders into unknown regions and this can be hard to endure. In that loneliness, you are learning to trust your own thoughts and intuition to guide you, and it is like moving through a fog. Here you have to listen inwardly to avoid the hazards, trusting yourself alone to guide you. There are many false prophets.

The human mind is used to limitation, so to break through into new thinking can cause you to question and doubt. Unconventional ideas often lead to ‘aloneness’, for there appears to be so few who truly understand. They will criticise, trying to pull you back into the familiar thought patterns. Families are often the hardest to break way from, for they will feel threatened if you stray from the family philosophy and norms, and they regard any deviation as a betrayal. To lose family support can be very hard.

The consolation is that you will eventually meet like-minded individuals who will provide the reassurance needed to continue towards your new horizons.

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