Living in the Moment

9th June 2022

Infinite reality is being in the moment. It brings the freedom to flow with the impulses in the air. Time is immaterial, for all is now as the dance of energies swirl with creation. Rather than worry about tomorrow, confront only what is in front of you, using common sense and responsibility. Watch how others are and respond appropriately to the moment rather than worry about agendas, for in this lies truth.

Truth is expressed when seen clearly; not only your own motives but those of the other, and allow compassion and understanding be your guide.

While living in the material world it is necessary to work with the norms of the society, but have the clarity to recognise when actions seem inappropriate for the common good and wellbeing of all. Love and appreciation of self is your tool, and you will then radiate good intension. Judgement of self belittles self and will distort your vision, because you radiate through a cloud not recognising truth and the needs of others, and project your own distorted perception.

Love is not an insipid or lazy energy but highly supportive. It will bring sunshine illuminating possibilities in relationships. That sunshine is not blind or sentimental but has a clarity of truth.

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