14th June 2022

The well of human kindness is infinite, available to everyone and can be experienced daily. It consists of the innate humanity that is united by empathy to the plight of others.

Empathy is not sentimental but a recognition of deep feelings and the ability to identify on a profoundly personal level. In so doing is an realisation of the Oneness of All.

As each soul journeys through the Earthy experience there have been many instances that have tested and distressed, and through a series of many life-times all will have experienced similar challenges. Within each soul is an identification at a deep subconscious level, memory and identification awakened with the recall of those similar times.

As the Awakening continues, access to those memories will surface and help to empathetically reconnect, after those times of feeling separation. This will assist in the unification of the race into a higher consciousness, and through that the interconnectedness of the Oneness of All.

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