15th June 2022

Seeds of inspiration drop on you all the time, it is incumbent on you to work with them in order to decide your movement. Inspiration is only guidance, it does not deny you free will. Possibilities are all they are.

You are the creator of your own destiny, you are a creator. The god inside you creates scenarios and gives you opportunities to work with. The outcome is not predestined. The interplay of all energy is all round you weaving a tapestry of great complexity and beauty.

It is a mistake to assume that conflict does not have a creative beauty in the greater scheme of things. It is part of the human potential and experience. Without conflict much necessary change would not happen as it is the human trait to fear change because the outcome is so uncertain. You are not meant to have certainty. That would lead to stagnation and dissolution.

Love is the great glue that binds all things, but even that can have many manifestations and forms. Do not look for one defining form of it. Tough loves is a more recent term used and is appropriate in many cases. To live a life up to the expectation of others in the name of love very often denies truth.

Pain is also an agent of change and new creative thought. Do not be limited by the fear to cause pain to others as it is likely that others need the impulse to change and grow. So long as that inflicted is not motivated by vindictiveness or revenge there is purity within such action. Live each day fully in your truth but try to use the seeds of inspiration as a guide. 

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