16th June 2022

There is no hurry.

The development of consciousness has been proceeding alongside the physical evolution of the human race. From the perspective of infinity and experience, each soul has been exposed to many different opportunities throughout the Universe, and there is no pressure to achieve anything “over night”. All has allowed for the totality of experience to be gleaned from every lesson.

Through many life-times each being has experience all manner of scenarios to work with, and this learning is fed into the joint consciousness of the race, hence all is allowed in the seeking of knowledge.

The Universe is timeless and all things are possible. 

In each short life seeds are sown towards further exploration, and this is on going through soul groups, where patterns can be repeated many times to weave into new possibilities. Each soul group take on particular lessons which are concentrated and different roles are played.

As the Awakening continues, memories will be recalled of soul interconnectedness, and love reaffirmed with a deep understanding of the dramas that have been played.

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