18th June 2022

If your wish is to avoid your impulses and insights and deny the truth of a situation, you will fail to recognise your own inner nature, which is to see and feel all things.

Life in this sphere is designed to lead you through experiences which will unlock the mysteries to be found in human form. As you progress along this path you will see unfolding before you horizons of experience which will take you to new levels. If you did not do this, much of human potential would be missed.

Believe in those impulses which drive you forward. At times you will question the wisdom of insights which involves others and may feel reluctant to interfere.

We urge you to follow those impulses as they are given to you to assist others in times of need. We can only help them through you. You will know the right words; it is not manipulation if your heart and intent is pure. But what is pure? 

Everything has an equal and opposite reaction which will create manifestation in due course. Just do your best and trust yourself.

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