Shifting Energies

21st June 2022

Sharing information is needed during this time of transformation. Many are beginning to feel the shift and the effect of increasing energies, causing them to question the whole purpose of their lives.

The old paradigms are proving ineffectual and lacking relevance as the whole world is being transformed, accelerated with the growth of internet and many of the scientific advances.

Old motivations are not longer the driving force and now appear shallow and of little consequence. We see this in the attitude of the young who no longer hold to the old values. This has left many floundering on the whole relivance and purpose of life, with a different and unformed vision.

To be living in a rudderless fashion can be alarming.

What is happening is an indication of Awakening, seeing things in a new light. It is like waking from sleep in a groggy way. Things no longer make sense or have little value, and the old paradigms have gone.

It will take a while for the adjustment and there is no hurry. All who are able to adjust to the raised energy levels will eventually move with the shift and new directions will be illuminated.

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