23rd June 2022

Unity is the ultimate goal of the human race. The unity of consensus, not a mindless agreement to things that are convenient, but the beauty to be found in every possibility, where there is agreement to find a peaceful way to integrate every forthcoming idea.

There is never all right or wrong but the testing of balance to accommodate all shades of opinion.

Compromise is only likely to be found when there is a peaceful and rational discussion, when all are open to test theories. Belligerence and intolerance will never achieve stability. Only the willingness to hear opposing thoughts may lead to finding an unexpected alternative that is even better.

Learning to make adjustments start within the family, where the clash of personality, emotion and perception are most testing. This is the microcosm where the willingness to hear one another creates a successful home life.

While intolerance and the unwillingness to compromise and hear the needs of others continues, this will continue to limit the progress of society.

Learning to address and smooth out discord is the start towards creating a future that will benefit all. 

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