Swirling Energies

25th June 2022

Having the clarity to see and understand the battle that is being played worldwide come from positioning yourself in the stillness of inner peace. Within that quiet you are able to observe the shifting energies that are awakening many from the slumber of disinterest and the mild acceptance of the Status Quo.

Change can only happen when the greater number take an active interest and part in the civic activities, when the consensus of the many will over-rule the single-mindedness of the few with limits agenda but much energy to impose their intent.

For the human race to have the future dreamt of requires all taking an active part to create that world they wish to live in, and not expect to appear without effort.

Once you realise that you are a creator you can no longer tolerate the unacceptable, for that is no longer an option.

The swirling Awakening Energies are to be observed at work with those being roused to take action to confront opposition with the courage to stand up and be counted.

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