27th June 2022

You have always been and will always be. You are eternal. This life you now live is but one grain of the shiftings sands eternity.

Todays tasks, challenges, disappointments, defeats, frustrations, lessons, successes and joys have been experienced before many times in many lives, and in each scenario, tested, prevailed and knowledge accrued.

Your very existence has visited all planets in the galaxy throughout “Time” and will continue to do so, moving through different levels, dimensions and form for infinity. Life after “death” is not “sitting on a cloud playing a harp”, there is always more for your soul to experience.

This is so because you are part of the Great Creative Force in service to the Creator. You are I AM.

As the Awakening continues, memories of what you have done will come from within you, and memories of who you are and where you have been throughout “Time” will be in your consciousness in the knowledge that ALL IS ONE.

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One response to “I AM”

  1. We need reminding of this truth every day of our lives.


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