28th June 2022

In years gone by you were expected to fit into the current system of your culture in a robotic manner and be like everyone else. This was the way of exception, eduction and training.

Over the last few years the availability of information has exploded and the potential of uniformity is harder to apply by those who wish to control.

Young people now have instant access to information that inconceivable to previous generations and the slog to discover facts is behind. While makes it harder to control the individual it has enabled the opportunity of ideas to blossom in new ways.

The awakened individual will be able to expand their creative instinct due to this access to knowledge, using not just that which is generally available, but also that knowing that is innate due to recall of previous life experiences, unifying both the individual and collective consciousness to blossom.

Future life on this planet is full of potential and opportunity that is only limited by the lack of imagination.

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