The Spiritual Path

29th June 2022

The spiritual path must always be taken alone.

In the beginning when starting the journey it is good and exciting to meet those of like-mind, thinking that you have found your tribe with the expectation that you will continue in that company. But eventually the time may come when differences of thought and intent develop a coolness in relationships and you feel the need to move away.

This is a time of sadness and questioning, with a profound sense of loss of the intimacy for those early days of recognition and sharing.

The  development  and ownership of your individuality is necessary, for if you rely on others to validate your insights, the truth of your conscious thoughts will not be uniquely yours.

The collective consciousness of creation is made up of the individual’s contribution similar to the formation and singularity of snow flakes which are condensed from the moisture in the air. Each flake is unique, but together, blanket the Earth.

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    Fenella Rundell

    Thank you.

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