Free Will

30th June 2022

Earth is the planet of freewill. Nothing can be done for you by the higher realms unless you ask.

As your consciousness develops and awakens you are able to see what you need and what is to be done. You are then able to work in partnership with your guides who can inspire when you are receptive, and acknowledge that these inspired thoughts do come directly as guidance. But unless you are ready to recognise and respond, you are working alone.

Once that awareness is recognised there can be an active two way communication, and the veil that separates the dimensions begins to fade.

The easiest way to connect is through meditation, but any quiet time when your mind is free to wander, the connection is open. Any activity that is repetitive and does not require active concentration can work as well. Your mind is then open to receive.

It is through your own seeking that will bring results and nothing is imposed without your agreement. This is how you cooperate in the process of enlightenment, working to raising your own vibration.

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