1st July 2022

The crisis in the world today is the battle of good and evil. The challenge is for all to stand up for their truth having thought about the veracity of their beliefs.

The herd is attractive, it gives a sense of belonging, part of a club, strength in numbers. To stand alone against the tide requires clarity of thought and courage to face opposition. Violence will never be the answer, it hardens opposition and reduces the possibilities of compromise. There is room for all opinions.

Tolerance in disagreement is the mature way forward. Situations and challenges are multifaceted, and there is always another way to view life based on life experience. Dogmatic belief and intolerance will hold society back. Finding the middle ground can be the only way forward. Vilifying others achieves nothing, and you are dealing with a situation of mirrors. It is the behaviour of the playground.

You are being asked to take on the mantle of responsibility for your own opinions, and not to be the repeater of the loudest voice. Learn to take responsibility and analyse the information you receive, and allow it to filter into your own feeling nature so that head and heart work together.

Fear of change is an obstacle. Freedom comes when you are willing to accept an unknown future. You cannot maintain outmoded beliefs which have been proved to be false. Practice stillness. Find a quiet moment each day. That is the way forward.

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