2nd July 2022

In each life there will be at least one dramatic turn of events which will force change to occur. No one is exempt. It will produce a time of introspection and demand reevaluation. These happenings will provide a catalyst for the need to change direction and opportunities of choice.

Behind every misfortune is the seed of new opportunity. Nothing happen that does not contain a kernel of a new beginning. The testing that comes through overturning a way of life can provide momentum towards a previously unconsidered direction.

Instead of regarding shocks to you current way of life as a disaster, turn your thinking towards a solution in order to move forward with a deeper understanding and knowledge of your capacity to adapt, a deeper valuation of self.

These dramatic times test the quality of character, and to find a way through these dark times like a “baptism of fire” will shift you towards a new direction of life. The harder the lesson the greater the opportunities to learn and practice endurance and creativity.

Change does not happen if the going is too easy.

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