Knocked off Balance

4th July 2022

When you have been completely knocked off balance by the shock of outside forces, time is on your side. Despite the wish for an instant response, a knee-jerk reaction will not serve you as you will not have the clarity to make good decisions.

Allow yourself breathing time and resist the initial flight or fight reaction. Give yourself time to calmly assess the situation and marshal your thoughts so that you will be in a better state to make appropriate choices.

As the Awakening progresses the Dark Energies are also active to put out the Light and will find ways to knock you off balance, finding your greatest vulnerabilities and fears.

Knowing this, should a testing come, try to remember that there is a battle at work and the Negative Forces will attack where they may to deter you from peace and trust. There is a determination to stop the Light Workers and you will be attacked.

Many are experiencing surprising and disruptive happenings which test personal safety and well as creating psychological problems, which undermine self confidence and trust in judgement.

It is only by being still and breathing deeply, that in calmness you will find a way through should there be a current disaster in your life. Once any immediate problem is addressed, take time to reevaluate the situation before taking any further action.

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