5th July 2022

Why is there so much  uncertainty and fear?

At the changing of the Age the paradigms are shifting when the work and values of all are realigning towards the further development of consciousness.

These word sound grandiose and obscure in the light of daily living while you are concerned just getting through each day, worrying how you will cope and survive, fearing the next shock that might be coming your way.

As more become aware of the Dimensional Shift that is happening and understand, the bigger picture begins to reveal itself.

The experience of the whole Universe is expanding through creation, and is forever unfolding. While in human form your vision is but a mote of the entirety, yet your doings while working in the density of 3rd Dimensional Matter are valid to the totality, and of equal value.

The experience of daily living is beginning to feel unreal and there is a wish for “things to return to normal”. The ground beneath your feet now feel insecure. Looking to Government to stabilise your world will be disappointing, the problems are becoming too overwhelming.

The power of the new energies are forcing change to bring about new thinking and new values. In the mean time all that is ugly is being revealed and can no longer be concealed or denied.

You are dealing with revelations, and as the individual awakens to their unique power of creation, then the true potential of human nature will flourish when working in the light of truth.

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