Changing Minds

6th July 2022

Mind sets can seem like mountains, impossible to shift.

If the ability to change minds was easy there would be an enormously rapid change in the world. However, delay and timing are breaks that curb impulses which have not been thought through.

While the aspiration of Utopia is regarded as an ideal, the pathway towards it will of necessity be tortuous. There is an overall plan behind the evolution of the universe which will take eternity to reach.

Mountains, and apparently insurmountable blocks do eventually get laid low and the new rises from the depth. Beginnings and endings assist in the flow of movement and each happening plays its part in evolution. Where a vacuum is formed from the release of worn out concepts that have finishes their particular part of the Plan, the innovative will arise.

Do not be alarmed by the changes that are happening now. The Mountains of Tradition will be laid low as new form is created.

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