8th July 2022

As the Awakening progresses an awareness of the unity of all life becomes more apparent.

Separation reveals itself as an untruth and it is the intent of the Dark to perpetuate a sense of aloneness to maintain control.

Once you remember that you all come from the same Source of Creation, the understanding of a united effort to raise the consciousness of matter to a higher vibrational level becomes more apparent.

To recall the fact that you are an eternal spirit clothed in the mantle of human form, and have lived countless lives in all possible environments, playing different lives in the drama, the feeling of separation disappears and you remember that you have done this all before with the same players both loving and painful, each time changing roles, and the adversarial posturing become a nonsense.

With the awakening you will see that you are never separate from those you have loved and “lost” for they are always with you even when you cannot touch them, and the grief of parting dissolves allowing you to move forward  in the life of discovery on planet Earth for the veil becomes thinner.

You have shared many lives in 3rd Dimensional living with comings and goings in the parts that you play, but the spirit is never separated, for ALL IS ONE.

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