Living in Time

10th July 2022

Living in limited time while in human form, your spirit is using the opportunity to learn many things about its potential when interacting with matter.

While working in the restrictions of 3rd Dimensional living you learn to apply effort and patience against limitation and blockages and to be adaptable in the mental, physical and emotional fields.

From birth, the child adjusts to the needs and expectation of society, learning the potentials of the body with manual dexterity, physical endurance and the development the intellect.

As the Awakening progress new old souls are coming to planet who will already have innate knowledge of those things you have fought to acquire and they will not need to overcome many of those limitation you have had to work through, for they will remember what they already know. Their memories will be open to past life experiences.

Because of this society will progress and develop more quickly with an openness and awareness of the oneness of humanity, with the desire for truth and justice, so that the coming technological developments will enhance life on the planet, working with Gaia.

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