Self Belief

12th July 2022

Self belief is hard won.

The current social norms still have an expectation of conformity, and if you reckon that you do not fulfil the impossible ideals of others, a sense of failure or unworthiness and possibly fear that you might be found out as a fraud, will underly self doubt. It is hard when those insights you get do not conform with the herd.

Learning to see and trust yourself and your own judgement as an individual is the road to Enlightenment, no longer thinking that you must repeat commonly held beliefs, but trust in an inner knowing of universal truth.

While conforming to the accepted norms of social behaviour so that harmony prevails throughout the collective, you also learn to think, value and love that part of you that is different and individual, perfect in uniqueness.

We spoke before how no two snow flakes are the same, and while there is an initial conformity of shape, the inner arrangement of the crystals are singular, but when they fall to Earth en-masse, create a blanket of glowing beauty. So it is with you as you realise that inner light of self-belief will assist the raising the consciousness of the planet, lifting the vibration.

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