Finding Truth

13th July 2022

Truth presents in many forms to awaken those who pay attention. Those who are aware will recognise those messages that will lead to Enlightenment.

Just as there are differences in individuals, so it is how each perceives reality. They see through the personal lens of maturity, social teachings and expectation with their level of interest in a subject, and to what extent they are prepared to go beyond the superficial. With an active use of the mind, a clarity of vision can perceive twists and turns in the presentation of facts.

Awakening is the result of effort by the individual to open their eyes to all that is around and is not expecting Enlightenment to be“ handed down on a plate”. It requires active participation within the human experience and being prepared to ask for clarity and guidance along the journey. Nothing of value will just be given, otherwise nothing is recognised for its true worth. In the seeking you will find.

Learning to differentiate between truth and those that were previously universally accepted concepts is the path to follow, taking nothing at face value. To stand alone and not follow the herd may take much courage and history has shown us this to be true, but those who have had the strength of conviction have so often been proved right.

It is by these means that the Awakening will continue to raise the vibrational level of the planet.

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