The Road Ahead

19th July 2022

Beings on the planet are going through the process of breaking old patterns of thinking and activity. The effects for some will be momentous, unsetting previous plans and expectations.

Depending how ingrained habits and assumptions have been, each will be affected differently. There are those who will see themselves as victims of the actions of others and external forces outside their control. They will be put on their metal to find a new path in a constructive and creative manner.

Great compassion is needed at this time for there are many who are suffering. An open and loving heart will initiate a positive response where aid is needed by those seeking help.

Throughout these traumatic times, being grounded and relying on inner peace will assist handling any disturbance that may affect your life.

There will be many opportunities for humanity to unit once it ceases to see the superficial differences and realise the Oneness of the human race.

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