20th July 2022

In the rubble of crumbling systems world wide, the abuses of power are being laid bare. The gift of mass communication is that nothing can be concealed and jaw-dropping secrets revealed. Indeed, corruption has always been practiced by those who had unquestioned power.

The time has come for questioning and shaming world greed, and end the limiting of the creative abilities in so many of the worlds population in order to maintain power by the few.

As individuals awaken a clarity of perception to their intrinsic power, changes will begin to happen. At present anger may be the motivating force and this is likely to be very destructive, but that anger will eventually begin to harness energy into a unifying force to create a more just and equitable society.

“Heaven on Earth” is not something that will be bestowed on you but a benevolent outside force, it is the challenge for humanity to unify and create it for themselves. This will not happen in your life time but through the coming generations of children.

There is now the inkling of a vision developing. Have faith that you are playing your part as the Awakening continues and you hold the energies of love with peace in your heart.

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