The Spiritual Self

22 July 2022

The factors for allowing the energies to flow are so simple. Spiritual awareness is innate in everyone and with an openness to trust and relaxing into a quiet state, is all there is to it.

Though many require music, incense and crystals to bring about a meditative state, it is not absolutely necessary. Some will suggest that you have to perform a ritual or specific action to meditate. There are those who find it hard and get upset with themselves if their head seems to be busy with mundane concerns. Rest with whatever system feels comfortable for you for there is no right or wrong.

Just give yourself a short period of time daily to sit and be quiet, eliminating outside distractions if possible. That is all that is required. Maybe a prayer will help. Over a few days, as the practice becomes a pattern, you will become aware that you are going deeply into yourself and the feeling will be pleasant. Sometimes you may fall asleep, and that is good too.

Each finds their own way to tune into their spiritual self. Owning your own unique identity is how you become aware of the power you have within.

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