A New Vision

23rd July 2022

From a human perspective it is easy to understand pessimism regarding the current world situation. The exposure of greed, selfishness and deceit makes the veneer of civilisation appear thin, where many appear to be able to ignore the social norms with impunity.

To allow despondency, impotence and fear for the future to dominate your thinking is to give into the Darkness.

You now have the tools to assist the creation of the New World Order through mass communication. While there has been exposure of the abuse of the Internet by those who have used it for selfish ambition and dominance, the potential of cooperation and World Peace is in your hands.

Never before in human history has there been the ease of instant world communication, revealing that barriers no longer exists. The old enemies are no longer faceless and nameless but friends, with similar concerns and aspirations.

It is with old thinking that the desire for revenge and destruction comes into play, for you are then repeating old patterns which have been seen not to work, only perpetuating animosity.

Light workers are here to hold the Energies of Light. To develop the spiritual consciousness through the Awakening and hold the vision of the Creation of the New Society, and living that ideal daily.

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