Planetary Shift

24th July 2022

In the Moon there are sentient beings who communicate with energies of light. This is a new concept we are bringing for we are speaking of a dimensional level that has different vibrations to assist changes to occur.

It is these beings who are creating the crop circles in order to make their presence known and facilitate the Awakening. The circles are created mainly at night as their rays do not have to compete with sun light and messages are coded for those who can read them.

There is a unifying force between the Sun and Moon regulating energies as well as tides of water, to create an impulse similar to breathing. Timings are predictable when influencing the human race through its evolution. This is so with all the planets of the Solar System.

You are realising the fact that evolution is not just happening for humans but for all planetary bodies as well. Everything that exists is a living being on their own journeys in the process of creation through change.

The current land shifts on Earth are affecting the weather and are a sign that Gaia is also going through her own process and adjustment, and we are traveling with her.

Realise that all planetary bodies are not static but living bodies in communication, going through their own process of evolution and change, interacting and facilitating like catalysts in a chain reaction.

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