28th July 2022

Until now the world has functioned on a low vibrational level that has maintained the status quo. With the sifting energies the solidarity of old thinking is being challenged and chinks of the Awakening are beginning to show.

Seeds of the new take a long time to grow, and a world of resentment, anger and uncertainty seems to prevail.

“You cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs” is a common sayings, so keep in mind that the hard crust of old thinking must be broken to create a future you aspire to.

Have faith in the future. Lessons of love, compassion and sharing are beginning to be felt around the world where the world focuses on those countries that are suffering at present. There is a growing recognition of common humanity.

The Awakening is the realisation that you are the creator of you own reality and not the humble recipient of the decisions of others. It is the recognition that you have the power to create a new society and do not need to be rescued by an outside force.

These new energies are here to help humanity move into a higher level of vibration, drawing on the innate knowledge everyone has from the multiple lives you have lived, and it is time to remember.

You are old souls at work.

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