Personal Qualities

29th July 2022

A time will come in everyone’s life that will provoke a shift and force change. You may regret the timing and feel that you are given no choice. Whatever happens, action will be called for.

Instead of bemoaning the unfairness of life, you have been given a challenge.  Do not believe you are lost with no resources to assist you.

The inherent opportunity is to look inwards to your personal qualities of endurance, courage, optimism, humour and purpose in order to rescue yourself.

Nothing worthwhile is just given to you. Everything of value is earned and consequently treasured. To be able to credit yourself for your successes adds to your personal resources, just as the accumulation of money in the bank can be used at a later date.

Along life’s journey many such jolts that force change come to enrich the being and add knowledge of self awareness, which will be retained in your innate being.

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