30th July 2022

Opinion and knowledge are separate things.

Opinion is the result of information gleaned from many sources. Culture, parental, religion, nationality, age, and peer group pressure all combined with an emotional response, helping to form opinions that can be very subjective.

Knowledge is from a much deeper source, where information and experience has been distilled into an understanding of truth. It is the culmination of lessons learned during lives lived, and imbued with a profound understanding and compassion for All That Is.

Accumulating information is what the human experience is all about, to understand all potential that can be explored, and that knowledge is fed into the crystaline grid of the planet to assist in the raising of consciousness.

As consciousness is raised, understanding and compassion develops, that is not clouded by emotion. It is with stillness that Who You Are shines through.

Wisdom develops and allows all to experience free-will without judgment, sending loving energy and compassion to those who continue in the old thinking of control and greed.

Do not mistake withholding for weakness. Loving parents allow their child make mistake. Indeed, it is often hard not to wish to interfere, protect and rescue, but in so doing deny the full lesson to be experienced.

With the coming of the Light, Darkness is chased away for all is revealed that was previously hidden, and the inherent beauty of the human race will shine through.

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