Time for Change

31st July 2022

From the ashes of a polluted world, the time has come for the process of rebuilding. A slow start is already happening in various places to clear up the environment from abusive practises, and there is an effort to correct the  mindless uses of the planetary resources.

In every corner of the globe the shifting energies are coordinating through different dimensions and there is a synchronicity at work. 

People are migrating and breaking down barriers, moving towards integration as never before. While there is resistance, the times are changing and the forces for change are unstoppable.

The young with their technological knowledge seek across the world and find fellowship, ignoring boundaries and the old thinking of suspicion, aggression and restriction.

Humanity is facing the challenge of unification, absorbing differences so that in  united it will create a New World Order.

This force is happening now and it is time for humanity to go through an evolutionary change. There will be no going back.

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