2nd August 2022

Every individual is here to live in the pursuit of learning to enable spirit to perform with full Divine Consciousness in human form.

Once awareness of their true identity, which is I AM, infiltrates through the challenges of human form, which carries the physical, mental, emotional  and etheric bodies, the Awakening will bring about the Ascension of humanity. All these bodies have to be brought into alignment.

It is rather like a lamp which slowly illuminates, and as veils are removed the lamp glows brighter. If the current is then increased, the lamp will shine so brightly there will be no darkness left.

All who have incarnated on the planet have chosen to take on the obstacles and challenges of humanity to bring about the eventual Ascension of the Human Race. This has taken eons and many life experiences to bring about  the eventual goal. But as time is not truly linear, this is as nothing in terms of evolution. 

There is an increase of energies coming from the universe on many vibrational levels to ignite consciousness, for the time has come for that evolutionary shift in the Solar System.

You connect best with your essential nature in quiet contemplation when the resistance is low to the receiving of information.

The Human Race has done a magnificent job in the physical and technological advances of the planet, but got lost in the hubris of achievement, loosing sight that there must be a balance and clear understanding of consequences.

All the while the lower selfish intent continues, it could delay the potential advancement of all planetary bodies of this Solar System.

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