4th August 2022

In the coming times a greater awareness of the bigger picture will be seen by more people who have love of the planet and the life it has to offer. This will come with the growing realisation of the symbiotic relationship there is between humanity and the planet Gaia herself.

Gaia is the mother who has nurtured, supported and sustained the human race during the evolutionary process of Realisation and Awakening, as it transforms matter into a new state of being.

The Third and Fourth Dimensions have reached a state of readiness for the raising of vibration to the 5th Dimensional existence for both the planet herself and the human race, for the planet is indeed a living being.

This does not happen overnight or before the clearing up of all the dark and negative energies are cleared, for Darkness cannot exist in the Light.

The unfolding of the ongoing evolution of the Universe is never ending, and as one period ends a new one is starting.

Old souls are here to assist in the raising of energies to a new level by holding  these new vibrations in their being by living a life of Higher Intent. 

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