6th August 2022

In  the eye of a storm is a quiet period to catch your breath before further disruptions come and the winds blow in a different direction. There is change with the climate for all to see.

The land is shifting and readjusting with lava pouring forth like the tears of Gaia, reminding you what the ancients knew, that the planet is a living being, and she too is feeling the shifting energies.

Change now is being demanded, and the weather is playing its part in forcing awareness that shifts are occurring.

The only way to handle any apprehension for the future is to go with the flow, for nothing is certain or predetermined. The future will be the result of choices made and appropriate action.

Hold peace with trust, to enable the best decisions to be made as you move through the shifts. There is action from the Darkness to hold back changes, but  there is balance in all things, and Light will always win.

The darkest hour is always before the dawn.

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