Shifting Energies

7th August 2022

As the Shift of Energies happens, Darkness is being exposed and nothing that does not support life can remain hidden. While the exposure is happening, the Light seems to be dimming.

The situation can be likened to cleaning the gravel in the bottom of a fish tank, being shifted and shaken up in order to clean the tank.  All the muck hidden and resting in the gravel is released and rises, clouding the water.

While living in an atmosphere of mistrust, corruption and greed, fearing that the ultimate destruction of the Earth is inevitable is misplaced.

Now is the time to confront clearing the World and prepare it for future generations. It will take a time to deal with all the issues that need to be adjusted so that society will function for the good of all.

As the Light of Truth expands with clarity, society will live in a more benevolent way, where every individual is able to express their unique creative qualities and talents.

Time is always on your side and nothing will happen quickly. Future generations will benefit from the work you do now.

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