10th August 2022

The passage of time brings its own rewards. Waiting is often necessary to allow for synchronicity. While the mind formulates images, it can take time for all things to be drawn together to create the final actualisation.

This is similar to building anything. Plans are formulated, materials collected bringing together the craftsmen, construction takes place before the final construction.

This truth applies on the material plane, but the same principles apply on the etheric plane. For society to change, the idea of utopia has be formulated  and worked on before it can be created, it will not appear out of nothing.

The guiding idea is to maintain an aspiration of world peace and prosperity with a trust that through holding the thought and living as close to that standard, all parts will be drawn together to create that ultimate ideal of Peace on Earth.

The more who live with the aspiration, work to make it happen, and hold trust in the eventual goal, then the sooner all things will come into being. Time is not only a great healer, it can also provide great benefit.

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