On the Brink

15th August 2022

On the brink of change, there is a sense of foreboding.

In order for the shift to be completed all systems need to be tested and shaken to clear a way towards a New World Order.

Fear for the future regarding the climate, power, financial and food production is affecting all countries. Aggression and intolerance has increased, adding to the trepidation due to an unstoppable breaking down of social consensus. 

The shocks are coming relentlessly with the exposure of corruption, greed and manipulation from those in power who wish to maintain the status quo, and this has caused such an imbalance around the world.

It is only through a relentless stirring up of all that has gone before that new systems will be advanced and accepted.

The challenges are great “but not beyond the wit of man”, to overcome and formulate a new paradigm for the planet. The call is now going out for the human race to pull together in cooperation, good will and justice.

As each individual is awakened, understand their true identity, strength and creative power, then all can pull together in unity to bring about a new society with the understanding of the Oneness of All.

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