17th August 2022

Awareness of communication across the dimensions is becoming easier, and it is learning to trust intuitive thoughts which you may only think of as memory. When you are having a conversation in your head, trying to rationalise decisions to be made, you are connecting with your higher self.

At these times you are engaging with your innate knowledge to find resolution to an issue.

The assumption that communication with other dimensions will be profound and sacred is missing the point. Enlightenment comes through realisation and knowing right action.

You are always surrounded by unseen beings who are here to help; and you are also learning to integrate the function of all your bodies, physical, mental, emotional, etheric and astral, together into one of total self awareness.

Being in a physical body is a level of work which gives the soul opportunities not otherwise experienced, but you are also integrating across the dimensions, and you use the mind to do this.

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