Akashic Records

19th August 2022

From the true perspective of Who You Are, the body you inhabit is animated with different energy fields which vivify the material of the body.

It is known that immediately at the time of death the body begins to disintegrate, that something has gone, leaving behind just the mortal shell.

These Energy Fields animate the corporeal presence which carry the coding of DNA inherited through the blood of family genetics. Within the genetic coding there is also more coding that you as an individual bring, related to the Akashic Records.

These records encapsulate all knowledge and wisdom that your soul has acquired  through your many life-times on Earth.

This knowledge is contained in a quantum manner and can be accessed once you have become centred and no longer pulled by mental and emotional responses to your lives. Having acquired inner peace with self knowledge, access to the entire Akashic wisdom is available.

Within those Akashic Records is the totality of all life-times lived and lessons learnt. With that access comes wisdom and clarity for right action, no longer repeating old patterns or showing poor judgement.

In this lies Mastery.

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