20th August 2022

While living in a chaotic world you can become that point of stillness in the centre of the storm and watch the swelling energies around you. With detachment, but not unconcern, you become the observer and not the participant.

Learn to see that human life is to overcome the obstacles and challenges, working each test with love and calmness.

These words may seem unhelpful if you are experiencing  a time of great disruption, sorrow and pain, where endurance seems to be your only way to survive. If you can retain that inner core of centred peace, you are open to receive unexpected  help.

Help always comes forth to those who accept any offers with gratitude, but negativity does not attract. Difficult times come to everyone and the mode of handling affects the results.

Patience and kindness in the midst of conflict and adversity will attract help, but partaking in the discord will not bring peace.

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